Top 5 Tuesday – Auto Buy Authors

Hi guys! It’s a rather grey and mundane Tuesday in the UK today. But, Tuesday means it’s time for Top 5 Tuesday. This is hosted by Shanah at Bionic Book Worm.

This week the topic is Top 5 Auto Buy Authors. So here goes!

Stieg Larsson

Image result for stieg larssonStieg Larsson is the original author of the ‘Millennium Series’. The series is supposed to have 10 books in it, but unfortunately Stieg Larsson passed away before he could finish it. After his death, three finished novels were found on his laptop. These were the first three books in the series (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played With Fire & The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest). His family decided to publish them, and they were a huge Image result for the girl with the dragon tattoo booksuccess.

David Lagercrantz has taken on the job of finishing the series. The ‘Millennium Series’ is my favourite series of all time. So, I fully intend to finish it, regardless of the author.

Stieg Larsson’s girlfriend also found an unfinished draft of the 4th novel and synopsis’ for the 5th and 6th novels on his laptop, however, David Lagercrantz did not have access to this. So, the 5th instalment ‘The Girl In The Spiders Web’, might be massively different to what Stieg Larsson had intended.

Chris Carter

Image result for chris carter authorI’ve read all his books and I love every single one of them. They’re so Image result for chris carter authorgory that they sometimes make me feel ill. I end up having to put them down for a bit to stop myself feeling queasy. But I love that about them. Chris Carter used to be a criminal psychologist, which I find super interesting!


Karin Slaughter

Image result for karin slaughterThe first Karin Slaughter book I read was ‘Pretty Girls’, and I loved it. It was SO gruesome, and the plot kept you Image result for karin slaughter pretty girlsguessing until the very end. Since then, I’ve went on to read a few more of her books. She’s one of those authors where you don’t need to question whether the book is going to be good. You just know that it will be.

If you’re a fan of crime/thriller/mystery books, you’ll love Karin Slaughter.

Jodi Picoult

Image result for jodi picoultIt was my Mum who first introduced me to Jodi Picoult. Image result for jodi picoult perfect match

The book that she gave me was ‘Perfect Match’. I remember not being able to put it down and I can still remember the plot of the book years after reading it. It was so gripping and shocking!

Since then, I’ve went on to read quite a lot of her books. The thing that I like about Jodi Picoult is how varied her books are. She falls into so many genres!

Khaled Hosseini

Image result for khaled hosseiniI’ve read all of Khaled Hosseini’ books and I can’t pick a favourite Image result for the kite runner because they’re all amazing! They’re completely different to the majority of the books I read, so it just shows how varied my reading choice is. Khaled Hosseini’s books are based on different cultures, the difficulties that people face in these cultures and morality.

All of his books have made me feel emotional, but they always leave me feeling so grateful for everything that I have.

What are your Top 5 Auto Buy authors?

Have you read books by any of the authors listed above? I’d love to know what you think of them!

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  1. I’ve read House Rules by Jodi Picoult and loved it! As far as Khaled goes I love THe Kite Runner but I prefered A Thousand Splendid suns!


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